When I first signed on with Integrated Advisory Group, I was skeptical. I’d been trying to sell my business for months with few buyers to show for it. Once Charles was assigned to my case, though, I really started to see the benefits of working with a team of experienced agents. He meticulously explained the process and helped me understand the need for marketing my business to a wider range of buyers – which he managed to do without betraying my desire for confidentiality. Without Integrated Advisory Group’s help, I’m not sure how much longer it would’ve taken to sell my business, but I certainly wouldn’t have been as satisfied with the outcome.

Bryan Goodfellow

Select Coffee Service

I had all but given up on finding a buyer for my business when Integrated Advisory Group called me with potential matches. Jason was incredibly helpful throughout the process – always available on his cellphone even when he wasn’t in the office, and talking me and my team through any terms we weren’t familiar with. The important thing was that they had the resources to reach out to companies like Value Drug Mart and work a deal with them, while I had been focusing on individuals with little success. Because of Jason’s efforts, I was able to get the full price I wanted for my business. Thanks, Integrated Advisory Group!

Brent Slater

Superior Pools

After losing a few key customers with the economic downturn, we had despaired of successfully selling our business. That’s when we met with John from Integrated Advisory Group, who performed a complimentary sellability score test that helped us understand which areas of our company were still viable for a sale. I had been holding out for some kind of big business buyer in the past, but given the scale of our company at the moment, John helped us find an individual who could meet our price and ensure that our products remained as high-quality as ever. I would recommend that anyone with little experience in the M&A world look to guidance from the good people at Integrated Advisory Group

Richard Hoesly

Rick's Boots

I owe everything to Integrated Advisory Group and their agent, Stefan. My business had suffered a sales downturn in 2008, which made it hard to find a buyer willing to pay me a tenable price even though there was a lot of potential left in it. So when I came to Integrated Advisory Group for help it was as a last resort, and I was a broken-down man. But Stefan’s vigorous hard work energized me, and together we managed to make a deal with Global Tech Masters. I never would’ve imagined getting more than my initial estimate, but Stefan is nothing if not a tough talker, and with him by my side I was able to stand up for the firm I’d created and get back its true worth.

Sean Seguin

Hellcat Services

Without Jason’s assistance, I would never have understood how to properly price my business. He and his customer service group walked me through the Business Valuation and coached me on the importance of setting an asking price that could be sustained by my EBITDA. And thanks to Integrated Advisory Group’s relationship with Safeguard, I found a group that could not only purchase my business from me, but also help it grow and thrive even though it was no longer under my care. Couldn’t have retired so smoothly without Jason and Integrated Advisory Group’s help.

Dennis Hubbell

Business Forms, Inc

Despite listing our business with a local broker, we failed to receive any significant offers and hurt our numbers by informing customers of an upcoming sale. Thankfully, one of those customers suggested trying Integrated Advisory Group, and soon we were able to keep talk of the sale from spreading. Not only that, but Keith also set us up with official documentation to present to buyers, the necessity of which our previous broker had neglected to explain. It was hard to believe that an individual buyer could get us the price we needed, but with Integrated Advisory Group’s large pool of buyer connections, Keith found the right man for the job and we couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve started a new business with my proceeds, but if I ever need to sell again, I know I’ll be using Integrated Advisory Group!

Don Orrell

Applied Nutriceuticals