We Are A

Client-focused , process-centered organization that will lead the industry by helping our clients succeed in a rapidly evolving world.


Integrated Advisory Group is an M&A firm dedicated to ensuring our client’s goals and expectations are met and often exceeded.

Our Process

Our process begins and ends with our mission statement, we focus our efforts and expertise on the needs of our clients. By aligning their goals with our comprehensive methodology, industry specific process, organizational and key knowledge we help develop the best business exit strategy.  The management and execution of the exit process is built around quantifiable and justifiable analytics. Of prime importance is the positioning of the company and definition of the client’s goals and objectives.

Making the decision to start the Exit Process

  • Confidential One-On-One interview with Analyst to determine what the clients goals and objectives are
  • View the company from a buyer’s perspective to see the drivers that minimize risk and maximize value
  • Decide how best to optimize the business strategies and their implementation to maximize value from the buyer’s viewpoint
  • Make a Market by preparing marketing and Offering Memorandum to attract specific buyers that have been identified
  • Close the transaction


Most clients find a lower Enterprise Value (EV) than expected. Integrated Advisory Group provides a solution to this very common problem by using our suite of proprietary tools. Integrated Advisory Group uses the Business Valuation and proprietary analytical systems as an enhancement tool. Our process will compare your business to peer groups on both a micro and macro level, determining where value enhancement is necessary.

Sustainable quality of earnings as well as measurable future growth are mission critical to a high quality liquidity event. Integrated Advisory Group understands this critical aspect and can provide solutions.

With the goals and value objectives defined, our business analyst will work on site to plan a implementation strategy to maximize the company’s stakeholder value in preparation for investment, sale or exit.

Due Diligence

Integrated Advisory Group can support the transaction and perform specific due diligence tasks as required by the buyer. Note that Integrated Advisory Group does pre due diligence services for the Seller with the aim of reducing buyer due diligence efforts and thus reducing time to sale. This pre due diligence effort can be extended for specific buyer needs.

Operations and Performance Improvement

We combine strategic thinking with pragmatism and experience to develop and implement operational strategies that solve our clients’ most critical problems.


For a side by side view of our closed transactions please view our Done Deals page.


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