Integrated Advisory Group Announces the Closing Builders Supply, Inc

By: Integrated Advisory Group | 11 Sep 2018

Integrated Advisory Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of its client Builders Supply, Inc. on June 8, 2018. Based in Biddeford, ME, the company offers building materials, tools and supplies to local contractors. In addition, the company sells doors, windows, tools ladders and accessories. The business was sold to Robert a Private Investor.

Why the buyer purchased:

Buyer wanted to help his son and law purchase a business for his family.  He identified several areas where his son and law could buy a house, have good schools for the children and where a business could do well.  He wanted  an established business in a small town.  Although unfamiliar with the hardware and lumber industry, Robert did have business acumen.

Many factors made this deal happen: Steven Rafter patiently moved the transaction along with complications along the way:  site engineering survey, disagreements over property lines and lots, bank financing, third party inventory and general initial disagreements on value.  In the end the deal was closed with Buyer and Sellers satisfied.

Buyer:  “We thought this would never close.”

Seller:  “We owe a lot to Steve for keeping us focused on the process.”

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