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Integrated Advisory Group and its affiliated company has been the victim of a well-known internet site that appears to prey upon companies who are leaders in their respective industries (G.E. Capital, American Airlines, Best Buy, etc.) or firm’s that otherwise may be harmed by disparaging allegations. These sites do so by allowing anyone (disgruntled employee, malicious competitor etc.) to post anything they seek to on the site without verifying the identity of the party making a claim or the claim’s legitimacy. In our case, false complaints were filed not by our clients, but rather, a disgruntled employee who simply could not perform per in accordance with their contracts, so they posed as a customer and made false allegations against the legitimacy of our services to hurt our brand.

When we informed these sites of the falsity of the allegations, one responded by “offering” to assist us in clearing our name and repairing our reputation. Of course, they sought many thousands to do so, followed by monthly ‘reputation monitoring’ installments of $100 each and other sites simply did not respond at all.
Rather than rewarding these site for their highly questionable business practices, we chose to simply provide you all the information necessary to make an informed decision and decide the legitimacy of the site or the claims contained to discourage any similarly false reports we are also actively pursuing legal remedy against the parties responsible for the filings. We also, invite you to contact us to candidly discuss any concerns regarding our firm. We are certain that you will find our entire firm to be that we are 100% transparent – a policy that has led us to achieve the very success that has made us a target to others.

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